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Waning Gibbous Moon

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Technical information

Date & time2015 August 6th
03:03 ~ 03:30 CEST
LocationPiekary Śląskie, Poland
OpticsCelestron C9.25
CameraZWO ASI174MM
FiltersZWO R
MountSky-Watcher HEQ5
TripodSky-Watcher 2" steel tripod
Composition8 pane mosaic
Exposure2000 frames per filter & pane, 20% stacked
R filter: 33 ms per frame at gain 40
B filter: 46 ms per frame at gain 48
2350 mm, f/10
ProcessingAutoStakkert 3: align, stack
Astra Image 5: Lucy-Richardson deconvolution
Adobe Photoshop CC: combine channels, compose mosaic (Photomerge), ACR filter
Original resolution8400 x 5376 pixels

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