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400 megapixel Moon

See also the 400 megapixel zoomable version.

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Technical information

Date & time2018 March 25th
21:01 ~ 21:17 CEST
LocationBytom, Poland
OpticsSky-Watcher N-406/1800 Go-To
TeleVue Powermate 4x
CameraZWO ASI1600MM
FiltersZWO R
Composition27 pane mosaic
Exposure400 frames per pane, 15% stacked
13.5 ms per frame at gain 55
7200 mm, f/17.3
ProcessingAutoStakkert 3: align, stack
Astra Image 5: wavelet sharpen
Adobe Photoshop CC: compose mosaic (Photomerge), curves
Original resolution20000 x 20000 pixels
See zoomable version

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