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Andromeda Galaxy

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Technical information

Date & time2018 November 3rd/4th
23:12 ~ 00:42 PDT
LocationPanamint Springs, California, USA
OpticsTakahashi Epsilon 130D
CameraNikon D810A
MountiOptron CEM25P
TripodiOptron 2" steel tripod
GuiderLacerta MGEN II
Lacerta M54 OAG for Nikon
Exposure18 x 5 minutes
430 mm, f/3.3, ISO 800
1 hour 30 minutes total
Calibration40 bias frames
32 flat frames
ProcessingDeepSkyStacker: calibrate, align, stack
Adobe Photoshop CC: subtract skylight, ACR filter
Original resolution6924 x 2885 pixels

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