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Milky Way panorama

Technical information

Date & time2019 June 7th, 02:40 ~ 03:30 WEST
LocationLa Palma, Spain
OpticsSamyang 24mm f1.4 ED AS UMC
CameraNikon D810
MountSky-Watcher Star Adventurer
TripodManfrotto MT055XPRO3
Composition19 pane mosaic in cyllindrical projection:
3 rows of 6 panes spaced 60° apart azimuthally
and aimed at altitudes -20°, +20°, +60°
1 pane aimed at zenith
Panes with landscape composed from tracked and untracked frames
ExposureBottom row: 1 minute per pane, ISO 1600
Middle, top row & zenith: 2 minutes per pane, ISO 800
All panes 24 mm, f/2
38 minutes total
Calibration40 bias frames
32 flat frames
ProcessingDeepSkyStacker: calibrate
Photoshop: merge landscape and sky in bottom mosaic row
Microsoft ICE: compose mosaic
Adobe Photoshop CC: ACR filter
Original resolution32165 x 13144 pixels

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