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ISS flyover closeup

Technical information

Date & time2021 July 24th
22:22 ~ 22:25 CEST
LocationPiekary Śląskie, Poland
OpticsCelestron Edge 925
CameraZWO ASI183MM
FiltersZWO R
MountRainbow Astro RST-135
TripodAvalon T-Pod 90
GuiderZWO ASI174MM
ZWO 30/120 guide scope
Exposure5468 frames, 6 ms per frame
2350 mm, f/10, gain 165
Each video frame is a stack of 40 consecutive raw frames
ProcessingPIPP: split recording into frames
Autostakkert 3: align & stack groups
Astra Image 5: wavelet sharpen
Adobe Photoshop CC: brightness & contrast adjustment, upscale 250%
ffmpeg: create video from image sequence
Original resolution1080 x 1080 pixels

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