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Sun in H-alpha

See also the 95 megapixel zoomable version.

Technical information

Date & time2022 July 20th, 11:16 ~ 11:20 CEST
LocationGóra Siewierska, Poland
OpticsTeleskop-Service 152/900 achromat
CameraZWO ASI174MM
FiltersDaystar Quark Chromosphere
MountRainbow Astro RST-135
TripodAvalon T-Pod 90
Composition5 stripe mosaic
Exposure8300 to 9800 frames per stripe
Exposure time 3 ms at gain 320
3900 mm, f/25.6
ProcessingCustom script: divide stripes into stabilized sections
AutoStakkert 3: align, stack
Astra Image 5: wavelet sharpen
Adobe Photoshop CC: compose mosaic, curves, equalize background, color, upscale 130%
Original resolution9760 x 9760 pixels (95 megapixels)
See zoomable version

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